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Customised, prefabricated and specials

A reliable partner for customised and prefabricated solutions

ISOPARTNER Netherlands is not only a distributor of insulation materials, but also sees itself as a problem solver and thinks in terms of concepts, systems and projects. Through good interaction with its customers, ISOPARTNER Nederland is able to supply customised and special products for the most diverse insulation applications. Customisation is possible for applications within acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and fire-resistant insulation, but also for protection, filtration and sealing.

We can do this in many ways, but mainly by adapting or developing products for a specific application or ensuring that a product is easy to apply. This makes us not just a supplier, but a total partner to our clients. The strength of ISOPARTNER Netherlands is to be a reliable partner in knowledge, customisation, advice and logistics with a strong service-oriented team.

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Customisation for thermal insulation applications

With ISOPARTNER Nederland, you are assured of specialist and dimensionally stable insulation products made of rigid and/or soft foam and mineral wool. In addition, ISOPARTNER Nederland also produces prefabricated pipe insulation (Insul-Phen and Insul-Pir). Our customised products are available in all common dimensions and thicknesses. Insulation shells are supplied both uncoated and with a vapour-inhibiting aluminium foil with adhesive strip. Our insulation shells can be supplied with a rebate on both the longitudinal seam and the end side.

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Custom work for acoustic projects

ISOPARTNER Netherlands provides acoustic solutions for many different sectors and applications. Here, we often deal with existing situations, in which residents, neighbours or employees experience noise nuisance. Here, we usually supply ready-made customised solutions, which we also install ourselves. Based on a noise measurement, we can propose a tailor-made solution. These can be enclosures, noise barriers, grilles, sound-insulating doors, dampers or a combination of these. We also provide room acoustic customisation in, for example, catering establishments, production facilities, offices, school buildings and the food and beverage industry. Need advice? Get in touch with us.

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Customised acoustic insulation solutions

Thanks to our production facilities and extensive machinery, we can make customer-specific products and solutions from basic materials that are optimally suited to our customers' product and process. Acoustic materials can be cut or preformed in almost all conceivable shapes and sizes. We carry out various types of cutting, punching, milling, sealing, sawing and laminating processes using the latest technologies and adapted to each customer's needs. We are happy to talk to you to find out together how we can best help you.

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Extensive range of machinery

We have extensive machinery and technologies for every insulation purpose, suitable for small to large series and products.
In our production process, we can optimise and improve raw materials by combining them into customised solutions and systems. In our efficient production facility, we are able to provide insulation materials with various finishes (e.g. fabrics, glass fleece, aluminium foil). Based on customer-specific requirements, it is also possible to process insulation materials by vertical or horizontal sawing, punching, sealing and sanding. Our CNC-controlled contour sawing, milling and cutting machines enable us to produce high-quality customised thermal and acoustic insulation materials.

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Prefabrication and assembly options

Prefabrication not only saves time when installing insulation materials, accurate fabrication also prevents heat leaks or moisture problems, for example. In close consultation with our customers, a suitable solution can be worked out for almost any order. We can offer moulded parts made of PUR/PIR, rubber, foam glass, mineral wool and many other materials, even in the most diverse combinations.

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