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ISOPARTNER Netherlands

ATIS International, Jacosol, Asbipro Prefab and Asbipro Distribution joined forces. From 2023, we will continue together under a new, common name: ISOPARTNER Netherlands.

ISOPARTNER specialises in the distribution, conversion and production of innovative solutions for technical insulation. With a focus on professional advice, standard and tailor-made insulation solutions and excellent logistics, ISOPARTNER is your ideal partner for the most diverse insulation applications.

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Our insulation solutions

All types of customisation and prefabrication


ISOPARTNER Netherlands is not only a distributor of insulation materials, but also sees itself as a problem solver and thinks in terms of concepts, systems and projects. Through good interaction with its customers, ISOPARTNER Nederland is able to supply customised and special products for the most diverse insulation applications.

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Thermal insulation

thermische _isolatie_banner

For many years, ISOPARTNER Netherlands has supplied a wide range of high-quality insulation materials for advanced heating systems, heat and/or cold storage and industry-specific installations.

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Fire-resistant insulation

brandwerende MED

ISOPARTNER Netherlands supplies a very wide range of insulation materials. A significant proportion of our insulation materials have fire-resistant applications.

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High-temperature insulation

Insulcon high temperature expert

For the high-temperature insulation of pipelines, containers, fittings, air ducts and various installation components, we offer a variety of materials precisely tailored to the respective application.

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Low-temperature insulation

lage temperatuur

For many years, ISOPARTNER Netherlands has offered a wide range of insulation materials for low-temperature insulation in industrial plants and building technology.

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If insulation around pipes or tanks is not sufficient to keep them frost-free or to achieve/maintain the desired production temperature, the choice may be made to use tracing.

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Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

ISOPARTNER - Brandschutz

ISOPARTNER Netherlands has become an expert in the field of Passive Fire Protection (PFP), including solutions for fire-safe wall and floor penetrations. We can also advise you on the correct installation of (fire-resistant) insulation systems.

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Acoustic insulation


With ISOPARTNER's comprehensive range of acoustic materials and components, almost any noise problem can be solved.

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Sealing, protection, filtration


Increasingly, it appears that an insulation solution must also have a good sealing or protective function. The basic materials from which these solutions are made are often the same as for thermal and acoustic insulation.

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Changed opening hours Ascension


We would like to inform you about the upcoming closing days of some of our branches.

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Current production stops

Industrie Isolierung Luftungskanaele

We would like to keep you informed about the production stops of our suppliers.

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Packaging change for ROCKWOOL Conlit Fix

Rockwool Conlit

Rockwool has changed the packaging of Conlit Fix.

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Discontinuation of Paroc Marine

Paroc Marine Fire Slab

Paroc is discontinuing Paroc Marine insulation products as of 31/05/2024.

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ISOPARTNER Netherlands present at VSK fair


On February 6, 7, 8 and 9, VSK fair will take place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. ISOPARTNER Netherlands is also participating.


Getzner stops production of Sylomer Marine FR

Getzner Sylomer Marine FR

Getzner has decided to discontinue production of Sylomer Marine FR.

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ISOPARTNER thermal and acoustic solutions for heat pumps


ISOPARTNER collaborates, from the design phase to the realization of a heat pump. ISOPARTNER has thermal and acoustic solutions for all elements of the heat pump: the indoor unit, the outdoor unit, and shielding of the outdoor unit.

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Find out all about ISOPARTNER Netherlands


ATIS international, Jacosol, Asbipro distribution and Asbipro prefab join forces and continue as ISOPARTNER Netherlands from 2023.

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