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Insulation materials for marine and offshore

Shipbuilding involves many disciplines such as steel construction, installation technology, HVAC and interior construction. Each discipline requires a specific application of insulation materials. 

Insulation materials in a maritime environment must meet particularly high requirements. They must be suitable for both icy temperatures in northern waters and tropical heat in the south without losing their insulating function.

In addition, fire safety and personal protection are of great importance, given the sometimes limited possibilities for rescuing people and the long time that sailors must spend on a burning ship before they can leave it. Suitable insulation materials are therefore virtually incombustible, have at least a low smoke density in case of fire and a low toxicity of the smoke gases released.

On board ships and offshore platforms, in addition to thermal, fire and acoustic aspects, there are also many vibrations that can be harmful or annoying. For these challenges, too, ISOPARTNER can assist in finding the right solution.

Zertifizierte Dämmstoffe für den Schiffbau

MED - Certified insulation materials for shipbuilding.

The intensive contact with consulting offices, and companies carrying out insulation works, has not only provided ISOPARTNER with extensive technical know-how, it has also given us the opportunity of learning how to anticipate customer needs. The production of tailor-made insulation for ship frames is a good example of this, as is the delivery of a fire-resistant rockwool panel that has been provided with decorative white fabric.

The surface layers (fabrics and aluminium foils), which have been applied by ISOPARTNER, are certified for the shipping industry according to the requirements of MED-keur. ISOPARTNERis the only distributor in the Benelux that has its own MED-certified production.

ATIS gives advice to its customers about the required certification for various spaces, and the required certificates can be issued by ISOPARTNER.

Besides the range of thermal and fire-resistant insulation materials and solutions, ISOPARTNER can also provide a variety of attachment materials, such as insulation pins and tapes.

Vibration damping in offshore, shipbuilding and yacht building

Vibrations on ships and offshore platforms can damage systems, structures and sensitive equipment. In addition, noise caused by vibrations can negatively affect the comfort, health and productivity of those on board.

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Saving weight with Ultimate

In shipbuilding, in addition to fire properties, the weight of insulation materials is a big topic. Lower weight, saves fuel and is therefore better for the environment. Saving weight is also saving costs.

The Ultimate range is a unique selection of lightweight materials for the marine and offshore market that deliver weight savings of 40%. Ultimate U SeaProtect slab 66 is a thin board with the best fire safety contributes to a safe environment for people in all temperature conditions aboard ships and offshore. Its acoustic performance contributes to a comfortable environment for all crew members and passengers. The thin insulation thicknesses provide better installation with higher operational efficiency. 

Solutions for different segments within the maritime industry

ISOPARTNER specializes in acoustic, thermal and fire insulation systems for both industrial vessels, transport ships, passenger ships and luxury and pleasure yachts.


Small yacht construction


Large yacht construction







Total supplier for the shipping and offshore industry

By offering a broad range of thermally and fire-resistant insulation materials and solutions, and due to its years of experience, ATIS can be referred to as the 'all-round supplier' for the shipping and offshore industries.