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Insulation solutions for the automotive industry

ISOPARTNER develops acoustic, thermal and sealing products specifically for the public transportation sector, trucking industry and other specialty vehicles. We also supply system suppliers within the automotive industry.

The integration of our insulation systems both absorbs vibrations and significantly reduces engine and exterior noise.

Our products meet all requirements for fire resistance and offer the professional user all the comfort needed to perform his work optimally. Moreover, they are easy and efficient to process, produced according to the procedures of IATF 16949, optimized by Lean and Six Sigma and delivered just-in-time.

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In the development and production of buses and other means of public transport, factors such as: light construction, high stability, low vibration and reduction of engine and exterior noise play an important role. 

For traditional and hybrid vehicles, all materials in passenger compartments and in engine/technical areas must comply with ECE R118 standards. ISOPARTNER has developed a range of noise and thermal insulation materials and systems that meet this stringent standard.


It is critical that trucks operate with optimal efficiency and provide a safe travel environment for the driver and occupants. By using modern insulation systems and materials, significant weight savings can be achieved without compromising on all these requirements.

Vibrations in the bodywork, caused by contact with the road, and engine noise are often one of the causes of noise pollution in the cabin. Long exposure to noise has negative effects on the driver's health and concentration.  

In truck production, thermal and acoustic insulation and sealing and filtration solutions are used. 


Insulation for special vehicles

Special vehicles such as sweepers, rollers, cranes and other agricultural and construction machinery also develop noises, which are harmful to the driver. We offer solutions and develop products for sustainable noise reduction. One of the solutions can be to cover the cab. This measure contributes to the well-being and health of the machine operator.

We are happy to help find a solution to make special vehicles and machines quieter.

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Insulation materials for trains

Insulation in the railroad industry takes several points into account: for example, an insulating material must be light and efficient, it must provide protection against noise and temperature fluctuations, and it must provide good fire protection with little or no smoke production.

Railroad vehicles make rolling noise and cause vibrations. We have acoustic and thermal insulation solutions for the air conditioning systems and for walls and floors in the passenger compartment. Our product range meets the detailed requirements of current standards and guarantees energy savings, noise reduction and optimization of production costs.


Products conforming to the ISO TS 16949 standard.


ISO 16949-norm

The IATF 16949 standard is a worldwide standard developed by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF). It is a quality management system that sets requirements, where appropriate, for development, design, production, assembly and service of products in the automotive industry.